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Posted on June 29, 2018

DotNetBrowser 1.16

New version of DotNetBrowser comes with a whole bunch of useful changes:

HiDPI Displays

In this version, we are glad to introduce the HiDPI Displays support which allows using all DPI-aware modes. The BrowserView control is compatible with various DPI awareness modes and renders HTML content with respect to the scale factor.


We are FIPS-compliant now! Starting from the version 1.16, it is possible to use DotNetBrowser in the environments where the Federal Information Processing Standard restriction is enabled.


  • The render channel initialization now works better. It was achieved by preventing script context creation until the client-side Browser instance is created.
  • Now you can specify the type of the printed document by means of the Printing API.
  • The issue when a drop-down list is displayed inside the BrowserView in the heavyweight rendering mode.
  • If you don’t want the library to generate and store crash dumps, you can now set BrowserPreferences.CrashDumpDir as an empty string.

Fixed issues:

  • The KeyDown event being unable to subscribe in WinForms in the lightweight rendering mode.
  • The MouseMove, MouseEnter and MouseExit events not forwarded in WinForms in the heavyweight rendering mode.
  • The native crash on specific video cards and VMs.
  • A webpage content being rendered with wrong height and width in the lightweight rendering mode.

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