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Posted on May 30, 2024

DotNetBrowser 2.27.1

Chromium upgraded to 125.0.6422.113

We upgraded Chromium to a newer version, which introduces multiple security fixes. Among them, a fix for a vulnerability that have known exploits:

For the complete list of Chromium fixes and improvements in 125.0.6422.113 please visit the product blog posts for the following versions:

Quality enhancements

  • The code signing certificates were updated for DotNetBrowser DLLs and Chromium binaries for Windows.
  • The IBrowser.DisposeAsync() implementation was improved to avoid undefined behavior.

Download DotNetBrowser 2.27.1 (.NET Framework)
Download DotNetBrowser 2.27.1 (.NET Core)
Download DotNetBrowser 2.27.1 (Cross-platform)

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