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Posted on February 27, 2024

DotNetBrowser 2.26.0

Casting API

It’s now possible to cast media content directly from DotNetBrowser to the devices supported by Chromium. Here’s how easy it is:

IMediaReceivers receivers = engine.Profile.Default.MediaCasting.Receivers;
IMediaReceiver receiver = await receivers.RetrieveAsync(r => r.Supports(CastMode.Screen));
ICastSession castSession = await browser.Cast.CastScreen(receiver);

Check out the complete guide to learn more about this functionality.

Chromium upgraded to 121.0.6167.184

We upgraded Chromium to a newer version, which introduces multiple security fixes that prevent a remote attacker to potentially exploit heap corruption via a crafted HTML page or malicious file, including:

For the complete list of Chromium fixes and improvements in 121.0.6167.184 please visit the product blog posts for the following versions:

Quality enhancements

  • The BrowserView in Avalonia UI now provides a better IME support in the off-screen rendering mode.
  • The InvalidOperationException is no longer thrown when the Loaded event occurs for the BrowserView which is not yet placed on the WPF window.
  • The memory leak is no longer observed when adding and removing WinForms BrowserViews working in the off-screen rendering mode.

Download DotNetBrowser 2.26.0 (.NET Framework)
Download DotNetBrowser 2.26.0 (.NET Core)
Download DotNetBrowser 2.26.0 (Cross-platform)

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