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Posted on June 11, 2019

DotNetBrowser 1.20.1

New version features several important improvements adding up to the library’s convenience and productivity:

  • Now you can easily check if the binaries use proprietary codecs with the new ChromiumBinaries.IsCodecEnabled property.
  • It got simple to look the Chromium version up – just check the Product version property of assemblies.
  • Use DotNetBrowser conveniently with toolbox support for Visual Studio 2019.
  • The new dispose logic allows the instance not to wait until all separated threads are released after invoking Browser.Dispose() or BrowserView.Dispose() methods.
  • We have also improved the algorithm for unpacking the Chromium binaries.

Fixed Issues:

  • The deadlock when calling the Browser.IsDisposed() method using the WPFBrowserView instance in the lightweight rendering mode.
  • The InvalidCastException occurring when setting the nullable CSharp property from JavaScript side using JS - .NET Bridge API.
  • The rendering issue with DPI if the monitor is changed using lightweight rendering mode.
  • The crash which occurs if NetworkDelegate is configured and the Browser.LoadURL() method is called frequently.
  • The crash which occurs if a JavaScript function is invoked when the JavaScript context is invalid.

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