Posted on December 28, 2022

DotNetBrowser 2.20

What’s new

Chromium 108

We upgraded Chromium to version 108.0.5359.125 which includes 8 important security fixes.

Late binding support for VB.NET

We’ve improved the existing dynamic support to make it work better for VB.NET. It is now possible to get JavaScript object properties with late binding. For example:

' Get document.readyState value.
Dim document As Object
document = browser.MainFrame.Document
Dim readyState = document.readyState

System.Console.WriteLine($"Ready state: {readyState}")

' Get full reference from the <a> tag.
Dim link As Object
link = browser.MainFrame.Document.GetElementByTagName("a")
Dim reference = link.href

System.Console.WriteLine($"Reference: {reference}")

Quality enhancement

  • Fixed GPU crashes while taking screenshots in off-screen rendering mode.

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