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Posted on October 8, 2018

DotNetBrowser 1.18

The new DotNetBrowser comes with the following new features:

Chromium 64-bit process support

DotNetBrowser distribution package now includes both Chromium 64-bit and 32-bit binaries.

Important: Please note that Chromium 64-bit binaries can be used only on Windows 64-bit and cannot be used on Windows 32-bit.

Clear HTTP (basic) authentication cache

The API has been extended with new functionality that allows clearing HTTP Auth cache.

Improved areas:

  • Focus transferring in WinFormsBrowserView in the heavyweight rendering mode.
  • Chromium binaries verification process during on startup.
  • Compatibility with Visual Studio Code Analysis.
  • It also got possible to delete Chromium binary files at runtime if there are no alive Browser or BrowserView instances.

Fixed issues:

  • Getting an incorrect mouse position using a WPFBrowserView instance in the heavyweight rendering mode.
  • WPFBrowserView instance crashing in the heavyweight rendering mode during process termination.
  • The form autofill issue.
  • The password manager availability issue.

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