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Posted on February 3, 2017

DotNetBrowser 1.9

Great news for Visual Studio users! DotNetBrowser 1.9 can be used as a web browser component for .NET apps, developed in Visual Studio 2017 RC.

Apart from Visual Studio 2017 RC support, in this version, we concentrated on extending DOM API with new features, ability to specify custom CSS rules which will be then applied to every loaded web page, enhancements in heavyweight rendering mode, and several other important updates, aimed at improving security and performance of the library.

Custom CSS rules

We have added CSS injection functionality that you can use to specify custom CSS rules, which will be then applied to every loaded web page. It can be useful when you need to apply the same CSS rules to every web page. For example, to disable scroll bars on the loaded web page.

Extended DOM API

DOM API is extended with functionality, which allows you to request focus on particular HTML DOM element. See the new DOMElement.focus() and DOMElement.blur() methods.

Improved heavyweight rendering mode

  • Functionality, which allows listening to drag & drop events on the loaded web page when heavyweight rendering mode is enabled.
  • Now you can listen to touch & gesture events on the loaded web page as well.
  • We also fixed several reported issues related to keyboard focus in heavyweight rendering mode.

HTML5 AppCache

In this version we introduced API that allows working with HTML5 application cache storage. It allows you to get all app cache entries for a particular web page and clear them if it’s necessary.

Server & delegate whitelist

Starting from this version, DotNetBrowser supports server and delegate whitelist. This feature allows you to use Kerberos authentication for the listed domains.

Other improvements

  • Ability to obtain Chromium render process ID. See the Browser.RenderProcessInfo property.
  • Ability to determine the Browser instance that has caused authorization request. Check out the AuthRequiredParams.Browser property.
  • Ability to capture an image of a very long page.

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