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Posted on August 20, 2019

DotNetBrowser 1.21

The new version of DotNetBrowser introduces a number of requested features, and fixes making the library work even smoother:

Certificate chain

The CertificateVerifyParams.IntermediateCertificates property allows getting the intermediate certificate list retrieved from the server that can be used to reconstruct and verify the complete certificate chain.

Disable form autofill functionality

The BrowserContext.AutoFillEnabled property allows enabling or disabling auto-fill functionality.

JavaScript requests focus

The Browser.FocusRequested event allows getting notifications when JavaScript requests setting focus to a Browser instance.

Hide scrollbars

The --hide-scrollbars switcher allows hiding scroll bars on the web pages. It might come handy when taking an image of a webpage.


The Chromium binaries verification process now respects the modification date.

Fixed issues:

  • The pop-up window does not respect the passed size and location.
  • The NullReferenceException in SpellCheckerService and ZoomService for the second and subsequent BrowserContext instances during application runtime.
  • The issue with finding the full path to the DotNetBrowser.ChromiumX.dll files.
  • The WinFormsBrowserView component in the heavyweight rendering mode is disposed even if it is removed from the child list of the form and the form is closed.
  • The usage of the back and forward mouse buttons in WPFBrowserView (heavyweight rendering mode) leads to the System.InvalidCastException exception.
  • The offline JavaScript service workers are not initialized properly.

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