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Posted on March 23, 2022

DotNetBrowser 2.12

What’s new

Chromium 98

The Chromium engine has been upgraded to version 98.0.4758.102.

This Chromium version includes many security fixes, so we recommend that you upgrade to this version.

IME support

Now, you can enter text in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. using IME in the off-screen rendering mode both in WPF and WinForms applications.


EngineFactory.Create() method overload

Specifying the required rendering mode became easier:

IEngine engine = EngineFactory.Create(RenderingMode.HardwareAccelerated);

Handling smart cards

It is now possible to unlock the smart card and provide its PIN programmatically:

private void SetSmartCardPin(X509Certificate2 originalCertificate)
        RSACryptoServiceProvider privateKey =
            originalCertificate?.PrivateKey as RSACryptoServiceProvider;

        if (privateKey != null)
            CspParameters parameters = new CspParameters()
                KeyContainerName = privateKey.CspKeyContainerInfo.KeyContainerName,
                ProviderName = privateKey.CspKeyContainerInfo.ProviderName,
                ProviderType = privateKey.CspKeyContainerInfo.ProviderType,
                Pin = Pin

            bool result = browser.SetPrivateKeyProviderPin(parameters);
            Debug.WriteLine($"PIN configured: {result}");
    catch (Exception ex)
        Debug.WriteLine($"PIN is not configured: {ex}");

Quality enhancements

  • The “Paste” option has been added to the default context menu implementation.
  • The “Save as” dialog now properly displays the “Save as type” option and file extensions.
  • Fix the issue when current thread culture breaks the DOM node creation logic.
  • Fix the issue when SSL certificate revocation status is not being detected.

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